Battlegroups Online

Battlegroups Online allows you to create Battlegroups for each of the three game systems, making it quick and easy to select the units you want to use in your games. Once you have selected your units, you can then print-off the Battlegroup rosta and use that instead of referring to the relevant army list in the rule book. There are two versions available:

Limited Access

Limited access has the following limitations:

  • you can only create battlegroups up to 1500 points for BKC
  • you can only create battlegroups up to 2000 points for BKC-II/CWC/FWC
  • you must stick to the battlegroup selection rules and the points system

Full Access

Full access allows the following:

  • create valid battlegroups up to 15,000 points
  • enter your own points limit
  • ignore the Random Points Modifier
  • ignore the battlegroup selection rules
  • ignore the points limits
  • increase all measurements by 25, 50 or 100% (useful when using 2-6mm miniatures)
  • reduce all measurements by 25 or 50% (useful when using 20-28mm miniatures)
  • convert all measurements to inches
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