6th Panzer Division - Tilsit to Leningrad, 22.06.41 - 17.09.41

The following map details the movement of the 6th Panzer Division during it's drive on Leningrad during the summer of 1941. Each red dot on the map is a waypoint reached by the division. See Waypoints for details of each place name. Refer to the Combat Diary of the division for a detailed day-to-day description of the campaign. Note that the map is taken from Google Maps, so is not an accurate representation of the borders or place names as they were in 1941. Click and drag the mouse on the map itself or click and drag the mouse on the smaller image to navigate around the map.

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  1. Tilsit, East Prussia (Sovetsk, Lithuania)
  2. Tauragė, Lithuania (Tauroggen)
  3. Raseiniai, Lithuania (Rossienie)
  4. Surviliskis, Lithuania
  5. Ramygala, Lithuania
  6. Raguva, Lithuania
  7. Viešintos, Lithuania
  8. Svedasai, Lithuania
  9. Līvāni, Latvia (Livenhof)
  10. Varakļāni, Latvia (Varakiani)
  11. Tilža, Latvia
  12. Baltinava, Latvia
  13. Gavry, Latvia (Gauri, now in Russia)
  14. Augšpils, Latvia (Vyshgorodok, now in Russia)
  15. Jaunlatgale, Latvia (Abrene from 1938, then Pytalovo, now in Russia)
  16. Ostrov, Russia
  17. Slavkovichi, Russia
  18. Lopatovo, Russia
  19. Yamkino, Russia
  20. Zagoska, Russia
  21. Novosel'e, Russia
  22. Lyady, Russia
  23. Zaruch'e, Russia
  24. Porech'e, Russia
  25. Ivanovskoye, Russia
  26. Moloskovitsky, Russia (Malesosnitsi)
  27. Volosovo/Gomontovo, Russia
  28. Krasnogvardeysk, Russia (Gatchina from 1944)
  29. Lyadino, Russia
  30. Pushkin, Russia
  31. Leningrad, Russia

The names in brackets are alternative spellings found in the sources or name changes that have taken place.